#1 сајт за упознавање црнаца и црнкиња
#1 сајт за упознавање црнаца и црнкиња

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Down to earth woman who loves to laugh.
Године 47 из Hammond, Louisiana - На мрежи - Пре више од 2 недеља
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There is not much to say but, here it is.
I'm just a real down to earth Black woman.
I love true and strong. I laugh, cry, sing, pray, cook, worry, feel pain and joy. I take in fully what life has in store for me. GOD will not give me more than I can bare. I am creative, smart, sarcastic, nerdy, quirky, unique, lovable, sensitive. I am complex and not so very complex all in one. I can be ferce and fearful.
I'm a good listener, friend, companion, other half.
I give real good advice. I give myself extensively more than I receive.
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Прелеп и велик/прелепа и велика
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