#1 сајт за упознавање црнаца и црнкиња
#1 сајт за упознавање црнаца и црнкиња

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Jesus is head of my life
Године 53 из Phoenix, Arizona - На мрежи - Јуче
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I am a mother of one son and a grandmother of two. I workout three times a week. I am writing my first novel which will be completed within the next couple of months. What I want in a man is someone who has Jesus first in his life. I believe in order to have a strong and successful relationship there must be communication, honesty, respect, loyalty, laughter, faithfulness, excepting each other for who they are and their flaws, drama free and understanding each other, as well as walking away from an argument until both parties has calmed down then come back and discuss whatever the problem may be. The most important thing is, Jesus has to come first in his life and in our relationship.
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